[Resolved] Backup1 taken down for FSCKing

  • 20th August 2012
One of the off-site backup servers has data corruption making the file system read-only. It has been taken down for FSCKingHow it effects YOU the customers? Nothing is effected; we have multiple offsite backup servers (2 right now). Backup servers hold data backup of customers who have subscribed to our daily-offsite-backup addonUpdate: The ...
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[Resolved] Drive issue on cpanel node 01

  • 23rd July 2011
We are made aware by our monitoring that one of the drive in the RAID array has a bad sector. To avoid any major issues we will be taking the server offline to replace the hardware. The downtime is expected to be less than 30min. We should also note down that the server in question has an uptime of more than 500 days, and this is the first ...
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Moving to new Billing System

  • 25th May 2010
We are going to start moving all customer data and past invoices to this new billing system over the period of next week. The move will facilitiate you, the customers, to access everything at one location including invoices, order history, new orders placements and support tickets. We will be trying our best to make this transition as smooth as ...
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